Terrestrial Journeys is a 6 week theatre project that consists of daily practical workshops with Syrian & Palestinian refugee women, culminating in a performance to a public audience in Beirut in December 2015.

Dina Mousawi will lead daily practical workshops to poetically and theatrically explore collective experiences of migration.  Responding to stimuli such as poetry, visual art, film and stage design the actors and creative team will work collaboratively to devise a theatrical piece to be performed in front of a live audience in Beirut.

I strongly believe in the power of art, not only as a cathartic instrument but one for social change. Having worked on such theatre projects before, I have seen the positive effects on refugee women who have not only lived through tragedies of war, crossed borders and left much behind, but who also bear a terribly misogynistic society. It was these factors that compelled me to produce Terrestrial Journeys.

One of the women I worked with last year told me, “We have come from a war and we need to do something like this. We have awful situations and this took the pressure off us, it eases the pain.  I was afraid in the beginning but now I can’t wait to come to work the next day.” 

As we go along I will be posting my thoughts and experiences of making Terrestrial Journeys on this site as well as more information about the performances.

– Dina